City Ad Builder Marketing Tools

What is an Ad Builder?

Ad Builder is a new automated system unique to the PM Group that
creates ads and generates revenue for you, making your lives easier.
As part of our service we required a quarter-page ad by PMG in your
existing rec guide which helps drive local merchants to City Ad Builder

What additional marketing tools are available?

  • Postcard, 4 x 6 - Mailed from Client-Supplied Database
  • Buckslip, 3 x 8.5 - For insertion into existing water bill or city mailings
  • Blast Email - From your database to local merchants
  • Phone Call Service - From your database, solicit advertisers by phone

What’s the benefit to me?

  • Keeps the City out of the ad selling business
  • Mixes up media for higher return, creating multiple “touches”
  • Helps drive more merchants to City Ad Builder site to sell more ads
  • Increases revenues available to help offset the cost of your guide

Why use the PM Group?

The PM Group has produced marketing campaigns for years for clients.
We have the software, know-how and expertise to give great results. All finances, expenses/income is open and shared with the City.


With you are in complete control of your publication’s ad sales, with no need to cold call or even field sales calls. Our system is safe, secure and easy for both city employees and advertisers. We handle all the headaches. You get all the rewards.