Features & Benefits

CityAdBuilder.com is packed with features that will benefit your City

  • Online and worry free for you and your staff.
  • Easy for the businesses in your area to use.
  • Simple tools allow each business to design, modify, or upload existing ads.
  • You review and approve ads before they go to publication.
  • Online payment is handled safely and securely.
  • Fees are fully disclosed to the City.
  • eMail renewal notices are generated for you and your advertisers’ convenience.
  • Our toll-free help desk is available to help advertisers through the entire process.

With CityAdBuilder.com you are in complete control of your publication’s ad sales, with no need to cold call or even field sales calls. Our system is safe, secure and easy for both city employees and advertisers. We handle all the headaches. You get all the rewards.